Friday, April 4, 2014

Towards a New Theology

This blog will be thoughts on God, Spirituality and Religion.

The ideas spring from two simple statements:
All Religions are made up.
All Religions are Divinely Inspired.

My belief is that both of these statements are true, and false.

My belief is that a person is a complex organism, with base, human components, and spiritual or divine components. We are the three selves - low self, middle self, and high self. Roughly,, the Id, Ego and Super Ego.

When those that are acting in the name of a Religion, act from personal, self-centered motives, then I would say that part of the Religion is "made up".
When those in a Religion are acting from a higher motive, from that part of ourselves that is Divine, then we are truly Divinely Inspired, and thus, our Religion is Divinely Inspired.

And this ties to another simple statement:
Religion should bring people together, not keep them apart.

In my opinion, when a Religion excludes, separates and segregates people, it is acting in the interests of those in control, and against God's directive. It is for Control and Power that people do this.

And again, In my opinion, the purpose of Religion is to make people aware of Divinity, and their own Divine nature, and to give people the path towards Compassion, Connection, and Wholeness that is the mark of the Divine within all of us.

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  1. I miss our "round table" discussions. We had some very good times and helped each other grow so much.